Registering / Synchronizing / Signing up - FAQ

1. I am >JUST< a recruiter in a small/medium/huge company, and I am not sure if I can make such decision as registering/synchronizing/signing up?

Yes you can do that.

In 95% cases information about job posts are publicly accessible on the internet through recruitment tools you are using in your company (via API/RSS/etc) so everyone can collect them, and we are not requiring any payment for now. Remaining 5% needs authentication, so you may be asked to provide additional access data.

If you are still not sure how we collect & manage data please read (download/print) our Terms & Privacy ( and talk to your legal department, and/or contact us.

By registering you are getting access to your company profile page with all job posts, and all upcoming free and paid features which will help you to get quality candidates faster.

2. Why I am being asked for Recruitment tool name/user name and what is that?

Recruitment tool (called ATS - applicant tracking tool) is a tool you are using in your company to manage and track your candidates. It might be Greenhouse, Recruitee, Lever, Personio, Recruiterbox, Workday, Workable, HireWithGoogle, Jobvite, Taleo, Homegrown, iCims, SmartRecruiters, and much more.

To enable synchronization of your job posts on with your recruitment tool usually, you would need to provide a recruitment tool name, and company unique user name (in 99% cases this is a company name).

Having that in place we would be able to start collecting information about job posts, and visualize them on a map, plus provide you any kind of statistics.
More about ATS here ->

3.How it is different from job boards we are using today, and why you are doing this?

A. Well. We would like to collect all job posts from all companies from all over the world so there is the one place to go for candidates who are looking for their dream jobs. No more missing chances. No more unknowns.

B. We would like to speed up companies growth by giving them a place where they can publish ALL OF THEIR JOB POSTS without thinking about the money, and find those who are looking for new opportunities.

C. We would like to give an opportunity to those who would like to work remotely, to those who would like to reduce commuting their time, and to those who would like to move even to the opposite side of the globe!

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