Shut up and give me your money


Well, not quite. You can still find a way to post here without paying us anything, and we are OK with it. After 1.5 years of keeping free, we decided to change that. The site got popular, both among the companies and users, and requires much more attention on our end. We have decided it’s time to make a step forward.


This is not all. We want to try something out as well. We are going to give 10% of the money coming from job listings to charities. We have picked a few for you to choose from. This probably isn't the final list. At the beginning the idea was to find organisations teaching children how to code. And we'll still on the lookout for the best ones, but for now we have decided to support a few others that are objectively doing a great job for The Internet. We have also added one that you might not know - a local one - because we love our local community!


There is a slight chance that we could go full humble bundle with the idea. But this has to wait for now.

I don't want to pay!

If you are a company and you don’t want to pay us, this is still fine. We are aggregating from many places, and if you've decided to put your job post elsewhere, that's OK. If we can suggest something, go with the monthly Hacker News' "Who is Hiring?" thread. It's free and in our opinion has the most value. Also, we are on good terms with the HN team, and currently we're trying to figure out how to improve the import model even better.

We're still on our mission here! And we will fight for visibility of every tech job out there!

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