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Hi everyone!

Welcome to the https://whoishiring.io blog.

The intention of keeping this blog is to share important insights and also to give a sneak peek into what goes behind the scenes in building this site. The data acquisition, analysis and pretty charts are too much for just Twitter alone. Watch this space for important updates regarding the project itself.

To give you more context about the scope of the project including the how's and why's, let's start with a little bit of history.

The whoishiring.io website started around August 2015. It was started without any concrete agenda whatsoever, except to just display Hacker News’ "Who is hiring" thread on the map. A simple side project. Even though I was aware of other similar projects which existed at that time, I surprised myself with the usability of what I had built. I already had a "map search" tool handy that was used for a previous project of mine. So I decided to build on that anyway, since it would be a good learning exercise too.

After getting it up and running, I went and put in on Hacker News as a "Show HN" thread (if you're not familiar with the concept you can check what "Show HN" thread is here). Again to my surprise, the post got a decent amount of attention along with a lot comments and feedback.

This response motivated me and mainly because of that, I decided to spend some dedicated time and make something more out of the project. Also, a while ago, I happened to see the 10,000 "Show HN Submissions". Believe it or not, whoishiring.io held 42nd position in “Show HN”s all time ranking! This made me realize more than ever that the project had a real value to share. Oh, and that 42? I don't think that was a coincidence at all.

Today, whoishiring.io has evolved quite a bit and has come a long way from what I started with. However, the Hacker News "Who is Hiring" thread is still there although right now, it is there along with 11 other sources (and more to come). The core idea still remains the same though - keep everything on the map and make it accessible. Along with the consistent addition of sources, whoishiring.io strives to make a developer's job hunt a lesser painful process.

Maybe the hiring process is not that big a deal as it is currently portrayed. Perhaps visibility is the issue?

✔ rule the world ✔ disrupt the market

Phew, so that's done - the pitch is over. And hey, just so you know, We are staring with a deeper look and analysis into the Hacker News’ "Who is hiring?" series. This will be the next entry!

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